Amazing Testimonies

Amazing Testimonies

Our Testimony honours God and encourages others to trust God for same or greater blessings. It is also an expression of praise and appreciation to Christ for his vicarious sacrifice, and offer of full salvation, upon which all other blessings builds on. The Holy Spirit also delights in our praise.

Through testimonies, sinners are encouraged to approach God for pardon and trust His keeping and sustaining grace for the heaven-ward journey ahead. Also, testimonies fuels the faith of believers to attempt and achieve the seemingly impossible and the supernatural through God.

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I thank God for all the blessings received by myself and family during the period of praying and fasting. My prayer life has been sharpened. My daughter started a new job during this period and a friend who had coronavirus  infection which also affected her mental health got healed as she joined us in the evening prayer meetings. 
My other daughter and her family in one of the European countries got their permanent stay 2 weeks ago. Our God is so good. Keep trusting God and your testimony is on its way. Amen. - Anonymous

Good morning pastor, my name is Rita. I want to testify to the goodness of God almighty in my life. During the 40 days prayer, a sister called and told me of it and I was interested and followed up with the prayer till the last day. Within that period I told my sister that I have put in my document for a change of no recourse to recourse. So she agreed with me in prayer believing God for a testimony and I also called pastor and he prayed with me. To God be the glory when I was going through my email, I saw the no recourse has been lifted. Hallelujah.